Period durable longer than usual?

Is this normal? I don't know if this help but I feel close to I have a cold coming on also. But I'm simply really concerned about my interval lasting longer than usual. Help me out!

Answers:    Generally In not long matured females the periods may be longer than usual. But soon the Hormonal gears gets stabilised and the woman starts having regular period. Thus for your protracted periods continuing for longer time, you may consult a gynaecologist for a thorough nouns and necessary treatment.
If you aren't on birth control or any other kinf of tablets, then yeah, only just depends on your body.

When I first got my interval, one lasted 48 days! (I know such a *, but dr said at hand was nought wrong), and the second one was 34ish days long)...And in a minute my periods concluding me...About a week, just over a week, and nothings wrong.

Just depends on you. lol...If you're concerned, dance to your dr!
This depends on a number of situations, your age, your previous period, your previous health?
A cold coming on should not sort a big difference with all along your periods, although could formulate cramping a bit more painful. I enjoy experienced this part. As for as your age, I hold experienced longer periods then in my age, or after tons years of having period.

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