Best Birth Control For Teens?

I am 15, and during my period, the first 3 days or so, and the end day, (pretty much adjectives except 1-2 days of my period) I get KILLER cramps, and i am skinny so its even worse i guess.
But, i call for to get on birth control to assist these cramps, soon, because at least once a month i miss a light of day of school bc my cramps are so unpromising that i cant go, which isn't accurate because i then hold to get delayed.
Also, I have to embezzle about 3 Advil within advance to prevent the cramps, which is not other possible, and once they start they don't stop for 2 hrs or so...and too much Advil will not be good fro me surrounded by the long run.
I have tried exercise for cramps, doesn't work
I am mildly sexually alive, no criticism please, i know im young, but i am highly responsible about it. (But i don't really wanna make clear to my gyno about man sexually active, because my mom doesn't know this, and we enjoy the same gyno...)
So, I be wondering what is the best birth control pill for me to stop cramps, etc.

Thanks alot!

Answers:    You need to see a gynecologist and they will most credible put you on some type of oral birth control pills.they typically cause women to experience a smaller amount cramps and have a lighter flow, not to mention help with mood swings and regulates your interval.
Guess what, your gyno knows that you are sexually alive.
The best birth control is abstinence, and for cramps you will own to have Midol or some other such throbbing reliever.
BTW, early promiscuity increases your risk for Chlamydia and cervical cancer.
You don't know what you're messing next to.
there's no such thing as the best birth control pills.
jus recount ur bf to wear a condom during sexual intercourse. YAZ is the best. It is normally prescribed newly to alleviate cramps and PMS problems, the not getting preganant part is only a bonus.
low overall is what i use... i'm 12 and It helps alot i'd try that

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