Orgasm Question?

I just started to mastrubate and I enjoy to ask you the following: Am I having an orgasm when I rub with alacrity and then bam it comes a pretty obedient sensATION and lasts for in the order of 4 seconds and consequently is over. I rub again for like 20 second have another one of those and can dance on and on for like 20 minutes. Are those mini orgasms or in recent times multiples or are the not even orgasms at all. Thanks for the minister to.

Answers:    No, you're definitely have orgasms. That's one of the cool things about human being a woman. While men will usually only hold one orgasm during masturbation or sex, women can have masses orgasms one after the other. Maybe not all women are fortunate satisfactory to be able to do this, but most women are, including me.
They're multiples. are you a girl or a guy?
i dunno if these are orgasms.
perchance yuo are just starting to climax.
similar to...just more or less to reach the top window sill of the mountain but your letting go until that time climbing up.
do you get that?
he he.
i orgasm is a big thing. thousands of self-assurance endings going past its sell-by date, and your uterus would contract.
lasts for me sometimes a minute.
you should save doing what your doing but dont stop. when you orgasm you'll have without a doubt.
You're definitely have a normal orgasm. For copious women, after the first one is reached, you can keep hold of having them over and over beside just for a moment work. We're quite lucky contained by that sense! :)

As far as I know, the definition of a "multiple orgasm" is something different though. That's when you have the "bam" idea over and over *without* having to do any work surrounded by between. I believe this to be quite in danger of extinction though, and definitely depends on the soul.

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