2nd HPV shot?

I am going to have my 2nd hpv shot tomorrow and I'm kinda scared close to the 1st one wasn't bad but I don't know about this one
. When does it hurt the most when the shot is going within or when its done? Do suggest taking motrin (how ever you spell it) after? I'm 12

Ladies: doesn't it give the impression of being close to you obtain your interval at the worst possible time?

AHHHH just got my 3rd yesterday!

The sencond hurts instrument worse, and the third a killer.

Sorry to say (:

It doesnt hurt to discouraging going in, but is really soar that night and the subsequent couple days.

I cant even put my hand on my hip.

Should I start positive up for a boob charge?

Period?? aid plz girlzzz..!?
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