Fibroids and cysts- what would you do?

i have several fibroids and a possible dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries (it might be the simply one i ovulate from) my peroids have gotten pretty solid and the cyst hurts around ovulation time (it hurts every month leading me to believe that it may be the solitary one that works) anyway, they keep motto i should finish having babies and achieve my uteris removed- but i dont want to do that, i cant say that i'll ever want to stop have kids. but if i have the fibroids removed it may trash my uteris leaving me infertile. and if they walk to take out the cyst, they could possibly own to take the together ovary (which may be the only one that works!!) but, if we loose our insurance, next i'll never be able to do anything almost it. so .. what would you do?

Answers:    i had an ovarian cyst (non-dermoid) that they initially treated next to bc pills, but then terminated up having to remove the cyst with the sole purpose. dermoids are entirely different, so it could be that they would have to remove the entire ovary. sometimes cysts can become so colossal that surgery is the only risk. the ovary can burst or blood supply cut off, and afterwards you have a big problem.

a friend of mine basically had a hysterectomy for fibroids. she be trying different methods--d&c etc. to help alleviate the symptoms, but eventually they be overbearing and her doctor recommended surgery. another friend tried accupuncture for fibroids and seemed to enjoy some success near that. with the threat of losing insurance looming over your principal, be sure to look into all option. it would be good to capture a second opinion. it would be awful for you to be contained by a lot of strain and not have option because of lack of insurance. correct luck!
They can be removed surgically without removing the ovary. You might want to see if you hold polycystic ovarian syndrome too. There are medicines you can run for the symptoms but they don't impact the actual cysts on the ovaries. I am in one and the same boat. I am just going to dally until the symptoms are intolerable. Are you taking iron supplements? I would be worried about the dermoid cyst though...honourable luck to you!
Check out a procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization. It is minimally invasive (no surgery) and make your fibroids shrink and go away. It is an outpatient procedure and you walk home after the procedure. It is amazing. I am a nurse and work with one of the ascendant Dr's that perform this procedure. Go to yahoo and type within Dr John Lipman into the search and read up on the procedure. It is amazing.

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