Weird spotting/lack of period whilst breastfeeding?

I'm still breastfeeding my 14 month old son and haven't have a period since he be born!

I keep getting a bit of incredibly light brown spotting at indiscriminate times every month, its not enough to be a term and theres no other "period like" symptoms.

I spoke to my doctor who be useless and said that my periods should return when I "stop" breastfeeding but as my son still relies on the breast seriously (won't drink cows milk or formula and nurses for comfort) I don't know when that will be.

Did anyone else experience this? I'm a bit worried as I'm 36 and would like to hold another baby in the past its too late.

Answers:    hi i too am breastfeeding and my babe is just twelve months behind the times this week. He has a nurture in the morning and a nurture at bed time, the rest of the day he drinks marine, normal thump water. He go to full time nursery whilst i work full time. I have not have a period any since giving birth although i sometimes have stomach gripes as if i am due on i enjoy asked my doctor and he has said that this is immaculately normal and not to verbs, you are still fertile though he warned so if your ill-equipped for another baby newly yet manufacture sure you are using some protection. keep up the breastfeeding it is without blemish normal to verbs and for as long as baby requirements to. Baby will decide when to administer up.My daughter was eighteenmonths hoary when she gave up and it be led by her totally. Good Luck and stop worrying
You should indeed hold your normal period return soon after you stop breastfeeding.
At 14 months old, however, it is time to wean your child bad of the breast. It's hard, but he really should be drinking cows milk at this point. Try to buoy him to try some in a sippy cup, as it's a moment or two too late to try bottle feed. If he balks, then try soy milk - it's a moment or two naturally sweeter. it usually happen when you breastfeed, once you stop it should come back as majority!
What it is, is that the body is still working for the babies milk and if the babies still sucking no need to drop eggs to be fertilised.
Hope you draw from what i'm trying to say!
I have to many eyeglasses of wine last dark!
perfectly regular. breastfeeding stimulates the production and release of prolactin, a hormone that stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk. this also stimulates the release of progesterone, the hormone that keeps a tacky layer of tissue on the inside of the uterus to sustain the fetus. deeply, your body thinks it's still pregnant, so you won't ovulate or shed the bin liner of your uterus. when you stop nursing, your body will begin ovulating again. it's a inherent mechanism--- in the stone age, food be scarce and it would have be very difficult, but for impossible, for a woman to nurse a small child while also carrying another one. Your periods will return once breastfeeding is over. Hey he must hold his teeth now.
The brown blood is due to raise progesterone levels within your body. Progesterone is dominant when you are pregnant. So, as one of the other ladies said, your body still thinks it is pregnant. It is outstandingly unlikely that you are going to be able to conceive another child while your body is within this state. While some women can get pregnant while they are bf, it doesn't nouns like you are one of those.
At 14 months, your son have very little call for for cow's milk or formula. There are many other ways of getting those vitamins into his diet. If you want to verbs breastfeeding him, then you own to accept that finances you aren't going to get pregnant. You purely have to opt what is more important to you. yes my daughter breastfed till her son be nearly a year and didnt have a term in that time. as soon as she cut down to simply one feed a hours of daylight they returned. its supposedly a natural form of contraception but within reality u can still receive pregnant while ur breastfeeding its a bit of an old wives chronicle.
I didn't get a length while breast feeding any but you can still get pregnant, i be still breastfeeding at 10 months and then started next to morning sickness and i thought that's weird because i still have not had a length, but it happened, you are individual covered if you are exclusively feeding if you cut one or two feed out you will start ovulating again. My kids are 19 months difference in age. The length style symptoms may be a sign that you are ovulating again.
:) Your GP may have sounded critical bu they are right. Your hormones are in a different match whilst you are feeding your child and this prevents you have a period. It does not anticipate that once you stop and move the baby onto any formula or semi solid food the period will be rear legs and you can start trying for another.
Please don't worry you are merely normal.

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