Completly clueless almost birth control . please support ?

Heyy im going to the doctors tommorow to go on birth control becuase its required when you start accutane ( a pill for acne ) and i am complety clueless as to what is going to begin . im so confused so can someone please explain everything to me . thankss =]

Answers:    everyone is different some gain weight ( i didn't) sometimes your bleeding is only just for a few days. you have to see
Nothing is going to surface. Your cycle will be regulated and starting BC is merely precautionary because Accutane while pregnant can have devistating effects on a fetus. Well it really depends on what type of birth control you are going to use. But they adjectives have pretty simila side effects, but the side effects you may encounter are not like as what other people may encounter. The requisites: weight gain, counterweight loss, acne, hair loss, change in you appetite, some spotting may go down until your bosy gets used to the birth control. I hope this help you.
your doctor is the best person to explain it to you- it really depends on the specific pill or method, on your body, and on your medical history.
Write down any question you have and bring them beside you to the doctor's. They're there to support you.

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