Girls - Birth Control Pills (Advice Please)?

I've heard so lots positive and negative things in the order of birth control pills that I don't know what to believe anymore. Some positive things were that they clear up acne and regulate your length. Negative things included a higher risk of cervical cancer, hormonal inbalance and counterweight gain. I can't even ask my doctor because my family would frown upon me (for religious reasons). I really don't want any of those doomed to failure things to happen plainly. But then I construe if those things were true, why are so lots people on the pill if it really is a robustness threat? I want to get it soon but I really don't want to endanger myself and (not to nouns egotistical) I don't want to gain any weight. My boyfriend and I hold discussed it and there are clinics where on earth we can go when I'm arranged to get them. I really want to be undisruptive when the time is right and I'd also like the regulate my extent. What is your knowledge just about the pill? How do you know which brand is right for you? Thanks!

Answers:    There are not any conclusive studies almost whether the pill increases your risk of cervical cancer, hormonal imbalance, or cargo gain. Some women do gain weight when they start the pill, but tons women also start the pill in their precipitate twenties, when their metabolism slows some. Many of these women would have gain weight even if they did not start the pill. The pill does halt the risk of endometial and ovarian cancers. The low dose pills hold the same effects as the elder higher pills, in need as many of the risks. The biggest risk associated with birth control pills that contain estrogen is an increased risk of blood clots and raise blood pressure. There are some pills that do not include estrogen and are just as impressive as birth control, but they do not regulate your period. Women are competent to conceive immediately after stopping the pill contained by most cases, and within six months within nearly all cases. There are frequent different brands. When you go to the clinic, they will ask you deeply of questions and later the doctor usually choses a pill for you. Most women have to try in the order of three different pills before finding one that agrees next to their body. You will be told to try the pill for three months and come back. If that pill works for you, they will impart you the rest of your supply. If it doesn't then you will obtain another three month supply of a different pill. Some of the side effects that usually end surrounded by the first three months are nausea, breast tenderness, and breakthrough bleeding. If the pill is right for you, by the finishing of the trial period, you won't be experincing any side effects. I would reccommend going on and starting the pill, because it take at least one week to be forceful, and you usually have to hang about until your next time to start a pack. This way you should hold shorter, lighter periods and be prepared lately in skin you need the pill sooner than latter.
Birth control pills gave me hold mini strokes. I know this because we took a MRI to confirm this. People take them result in they don't believe it can happen to them and most of the time they don't know it is the pill to be precise making them have particular problems. I was have TIAs for several months before I go to the doctor. He said women have several tia past they actually enjoy a stroke. There is more then one bearing for preventing becoming pregnant. I take it that you and your people don't have alike religious beliefs? I took ortho-tri-cyclene. I really liked it, it didn't put together me gain weight and it did clear up my acne. I have no problems on it at all! Talk to a doc at any of those clinics, they will be capable of help you want what's best for you.
Well, you definately want to talk to a dr first, and explain to them the concerns that you enjoy. There are so many influential birth control methods out there, a pill might no be right for what you are thinking, but in that are shots, and IUDS and sooo many other option. I am personally on the pill, and own not gained any immensity, have no acne, and my period are fairly regular. I used to be on the depo shot, but that lead to osteopenia fter long term use, so I discontinued. But lately do your research. It is better to protect yourdelf than not oo, so just maintain it to yourself if you feel your parents will not be merry. Good Luck the doctor chose the brand of pill for me and i had no side affects at adjectives. but after 6 years of use i fell pregnant without missing a single pill so they are not 100% forceful against pregnancy
Seriously...if this guy is right for you he'll wait till your married to hold sex...i DON'T care what you conjecture of that! waiting till your married helps! DON'T filch the pill just b/c you want to stop from becaoming pregnant...thats STUPID! First of adjectives, posting a question here will make a contribution you even more opinions on the topic, so the best method to deal near confusion is to actually settle to your doctor (or to give the pill a try).
I'm using birth control pills third year presently and would recommend them. I've been using four brands so far, hold never gained shipment nor had any other side effects, apart from regulated interval, and usually after half a year the pill hormones contained by the pill start affecting my mood. Actually, if anything unpleasant happens to you because of the pill you can purely start taking some other brand and this usually helps. And I cannot recommend any brand because every organism react differently to hormones.
Besides, it is a good article to have a 2-3 month break every year, this course the balance of hormones within your body should stay right.
But the most important point is to talk to your doctor :)
one-sidedly i started taking birth control because my periods be abnormally filling and the cramps were beyond the pale (nothing helped). taking birth control has help with these problems. the singular bad article that has happen to me is that ive had to alter my pill b/c it was making me green about the gills b/c there be too much estrogen.

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