Can Endometriosis incentive problems for your other organs?

Answers:    Endo can and does implant anywhere contained by the body - including the *brain* and even the nasalocrimal region. While uncommon, it does evolve and has be documented in every cut of the body. Obviously, the abdominopelvic organs are the most commonly affected, but the lungs are artificial in a growing number of patients as all right, followed by other regions. Bowel, bladder, diaphragmatic, and reproductive organ involvement are most common and implant in these areas can produce significant pain and infertility. The desire is to remove all disease from adjectives areas, thereby inducing relief and controlled recurrence.
It could motivation problems for your uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. it depends on where the endo is located I believe. for instance, endo doesn't ALWAYS crop up in the pelvic nouns but can occur on other organs surrounded by the body...however it it most common for it turn out on the uterus in a womanly. I'm not sure of too many implication, other than the spasm and possible infertility down that road.

I've been told that I might own endo, but I'm not an expert on it.
I think it could. Have a word beside a doctor, chemist or nurse to find out about it.

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