Is it possible to procure HPV from an Ovarian Cyst?

Friend of mine told me there cyst popped and the fluid from it give her that even possible?

Answers:    HPV is a virus (human papilloma virus). It has to come from outside your body, usually through sexual contact. It can't a short time ago appear inside you out of nowhere.

Your friend is mistaken. Maybe a cyst popped, and maybe she be diagnosed with HPV around impossible to tell apart time. That's just coincidence - but some citizens can't tell the difference between "A happen and also B" from "A happened because of B."
she probably already have HPV, that is what cause the cyst. I don't think that's possible!

Maybe she's flushed about admit she had unprotected sex, or conceivably she's just not terribly bright.
i dont think to be exact possible No it is not possible. HPV comes from a virus, an ovarian cyst is completely different. HPV is sexually transmitted. Ovarian cysts are not.

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