Does this nouns to you resembling an Ectopic Pregnancy? HELP?

I know you are going to tell me to run to docs - I am, the soonest I can get within is in a couple of hours, so can anyone that know please tell me what this sounds close to...
I have a sharp, vastly bad anguish on my left of my tummy, I quality nausious and my chest and top of my back are hurting alot, its hurts when I step and I have to totter lightly!?! I own been TTC and my ultimate period be 7th Jan, so I would have though it would be to precipitate? any ideas PLEASE, I am worried! :o(

Answers:    I would not lug any chances. You shouldn't hang around to see your doctor, instead go to ER / Casualty straight away. As the others said, ectopic pregnancy and appendicitis are both immensely serious conditions. It may not be either, but is it worth the risk? Two hours is too long.
The soonest you can see a doctor is within a few hours? It sounds like any an ectopic pregnancy that has burst your fallopian tube or displaced agony from your appendix bursting. Do you have a disorientation? This kind of piece should be taken care of at an E.R., not by appointment contained by a few hours. A few hours time could mean loss for you for either of those conditions. My dear , if it IS an etopic pregnancy, you must go and get to an emergency room ASAP, etopic pregnancies can rupture and become serious. I am NOT an MD. But am aware enough to know that it is serious. Take safekeeping of yourself.
are you having any bleeding? to be precise another warning sign. but unequivocally get to the doctor, empire on Y!A probably wont be as knowledgeable as your doctor will be. If I have a very sharp stomach-ache in my lower stomach, I would suspect any appendicitis or an ectopic pregnancy.

Both of these are medical emergencies and you should appointment your doctor right now as an emergency, for cellular phone advice at the hugely least.

Good luck.
Ignore your adjectives pain and get the impression good. Problem never come to brand name you happy, they other put you in trouble. so not to woory frontage it as happily you can. no proposal and choice. good luckl

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