Pregnancy interrogate.?

i'm pregnant. and i'm pretty young (still contained by high school). im upset. i really don't know how to tell my parents or my boyfriend. Please don't critisize me something like being too immature i already know that.

Answers:    you will have to share them soon as you will need adjectives the support u can get. but dont be ashamed of your self for wanting your child i was babyish when i wanted to start trying for a kith and kin and would of been startled to tell parents too but surrounded by the end they love you and i give attention to they will come round but remeber its a shock to them as it was to you so try take in all here doing is reacting the process i imagin you did when you found out.
also the sooner you tell them the better if you darken it they may feel upset that you couldn't run to them in your time of entail! hope this helps perfect luck xx
well you can hold a abbortion and not tell your parents. if you dont want a abbortion afterwards sorry hun you have to report to somebody If you're pregnant and are planning on carrying to term, getting pre-natal thinking soon is essential to the health of you and your toddler. That being said, it doesn't manufacture it any easier to tell someone something that difficult. How to share someone something like that really depends on your relationship near them and how you think they would counter. Maybe try talking to your conservatory counselor first and talk through how you would break the report to your boyfriend and your parents.

Good luck and best wishes :)

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