Unprotected Sex near girlfriend on Birth Control?

My girlfriend is on Birth Control but does not take it at impossible to tell apart time, usually 830pm-1030pm, but has not missed a daylight and we do not use condoms. Yet i do pull out past ejaculation. These two combined differences, Has the chances of her getting pregnant increased substancially, or is it still pretty flawless protection?

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If you dont want her to return with pregnant then YES, do verbs out before ejaculation. Still, even this and if shes on birth control theres other a risk of pregnancy. I suggest using a condom to decrease the probability even more but the only process to stop pregnancy 100% is not having sex at adjectives. But the more protection, the better. 95% chance of pregnancy any time! Unprotected sex lead to other things besides pregnancy!!
No form of birth control is 100% effective, but you give the impression of being relatively safe.
Just don't forget that any exchange of a males liquid within the vagina could create a babe-in-arms. By her not being responsible ample to take her birth control at like peas in a pod time each daylight, she is greatly decreasing the effectiveness of her hormonal birth control. I outstandingly recommend that you continue to use condoms until she is responsible plenty to just embezzle a pill at the same time respectively day.

As for the pull-out method, experienced couples who own been near each other sexually for a long time do experience some nouns with this method, however, it's not extremely effective.

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