How can I lower my sex drive?

Answers:    why would you want to i am 56 and still want more so any spare you have gratefully received xxx lol xxx you know me other joking
Why? I would love to even hold a low sex drive at 56. It's one of the most common side effects of SSRI anti-depressants. I've never agreed it to be prescribed for being over-sexed, though. Gaads, the problems folks hold :)
You could marry me and not worry roughly speaking it!
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Ok, seriously. You haven't told us WHY this is a problem.
Are you married? Single? Why is this causing a problem for you, how habitually do you have to own sex, etc.??
I'm going to take a rainy guess, and say that your sex drive have led you to be really promiscuous, and that's a problem for you.

You own a couple options, the bearing I see it:

1. See a doctor, to see if you actually own some sort of hormone imbalance (very unlikely, but I supposed possible)

2. Get psychotherapy, because you're a sex addict. (Figure out what heated needs are driving you to wish fulfillment sexually).

3. Find a man who is really wild and kinky, and enjoy doing things with, for, and to you, that will allow you to be within a committed relationship with him, even so still get tons of sexual fulfillment ; this deeply means a guy who doesn't mind sharing his wife beside other guys, women, or both.
Swinging, basically. (look it up, if you don't know much give or take a few it already).
PM me if you want more info (put the subject in in attendance, I answer a lot of question on here, and it doesn't say which ask in the schoolbook when you PM someone)
If you starve a craving long enough, it eventually go away. For instance, if you stop eating sugar for three or four months, you set off to wonder why anyone would ever want to eat sweets. Try to focus on other things, I guess. Fill your daylight with hobbies, academy work, business work, what have you. Blessings. Take up a hobby, try to carry your mind off sex. Otherwise there's probably a S.A.A. (Sex Addicts Anonymous)
Eat nuptial cake. Works for most women. Answer :
Birth control pills can decrease sex drive. Most of the time, however, in that are many other factor that contribute to a lower sex drive -- stress, poor body image, financial worries, relationship difficulties. Life within the 90s is difficult, and at 22 I imagine you are simply graduating from college and just about to really be out on your own for the first time; such changes are stressful, and sex drive is one of the first things to succumb to stress.
Of adjectives the types of birth control pills, however, triphasic pills, like the Tri-Levlen you are on, hold a lesser impact on sex drive. In certainty, in one recent study of college women, triphasic pills be associated with an increased sex drive!

As this is bothering you, I'd suggest you see your doctor. Medical conditions close to thyroid disease or depression can lower sex drive. Conditions like infections or endometriosis that wreak sex to be uncomfortable can, without a doubt, make you not want to hold sex. Also examine your relationships and life surrounded by general for clues. If nil else is found, you might consider a change of pill or using another form of contraception.

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