19 years frail beside stress incontinence?

I was lately diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection. When i first started have symptoms of those things, i also started having a really tricky time controlling my bladder, everytime i cough i pee all over myself. Could this be a sign of a UTI or bladder infection, and if so, could they enjoy detected that during my pelvic exam? What can i do to get rid of it... I'm simply 19 years old, i thought stress incontinence solely happened to mature people.

Answers:    They would not own found a UTI during a pelvic exam...wrong hole. YOu will need to turn to a regular Dr for give a urine taste to test for a UTI.

That is probly the root for it. It could be cause by like peas in a pod bacteria as your other infection or from the yeast. If you are on an oral antibiotic, that should support but if it is from the yeast you may need an oral medication for that one.
If it is jsut a yeast infection the symptoms should travel away and the infection clears up if it does not I would suggest you talk to your PCP he may refer you to a urologist. Meantime wear pantyliners and adjust them frequently Naw, it isn't only old-fashioned people who operate with this. MANY childlike female athletes do also.

Have you hear of a Pessary before? Kind of approaching a diaphram for your bladder.

They work, they are inexpensive compared to surgery (which doesn't always correct the problem)

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