Fibroids turn to cancer?

do fibroids turn to cancer?
Is it okay to leave Benigne fibroids within the uterus?

Answers:    you should talk to your doctor in the order of this more specifically :)

however, no, they usually do not. in tremendously rare cases, benign uterine fibroids can transform into a malignant cancer.

whether or not you you vacate uterine fibroids in depends on several factor. for women who are not having any problems near them (e.g. pain, bleeding), and who are not pregnant, after the fibroids can be left alone. however, if you are have problems with them, and/or they are ample in size, your doctor may recommend that you own them taken out. as a side note, uterine fibroids may interfere near a woman's ability to gain pregnant.
anything can turn to cancer but not usually fibroids.

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