Birth Control?

I have be on the pill for 2 years because I was irregular. I quit taking the pills concluding month and was wondering if I would verbs being irregular. Could this affect my likelihood of getting pregnant?

Answers:    do you wanna get pregnant? if so... this will not affect you getting pregnant. i be very irregular and get off of birth control for smaller quantity than a month and was pregnant inside that month. on the birth control pack, it said you might have to dawdle a month or two to be able to achieve pregnant... but in my suitcase, that wasn't so. i have have the baby and am final on birth control. but before i get back on, i be still very irregular.
Yes, unsurprisingly it will affect your chances of getting pregnant. You can't enjoy unprotected sex, or you will be at high risk of pregnancy. You will also possible become irregular again. Yes there is a casual you will get pregnat liberal of high.
Being irregular does generate it harder for you to track your fertile days, but it doesn't necessarily make it harder for you to receive pregnant. Your period should height out in something like two months, back to a somewhat majority cycle. definitely articulate to your doctor, i heard their are risks in the order of just stopping short doing it properly.
I too took the pill because of irregular periods for a couple of years. When I stopped taking them, I didn't enjoy a period for 6 months. That be 8 years ago and it has be like clock work ever since. Once you stop taking the pills your potential to get pregnant will return to majority. And I assume your cycle would to because you are no longer maintaining the hormone level chemically, but instead are letting them do what they would naturally.
i infer u have to maintain taking ur pills because i was on the pill ( im also irregular) for lone 2 months and my period become regular foe 2 months and then i stopped taking the pill and once again im irregular...and around the pregnant thing...i infer it can because ur not ovulating like ur supposed should ask your doctor to revise more about it. :] very well yea, ur chances of getting pregnant increases so much.

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