Anyone have a tubal ligation compensated for by Medicaid?

Our first child is due in 6 weeks, and we don't want to enjoy any more biological kids. We originally planned to have a vasectomy perform on my husband, but we're worried that we won't be able to afford it hugely soon, and I don't want to go posterior on hormonal birth control because it causes me too plentiful side effects, plus my options will be controlled since I plan to breastfeed.

I recently own heard and read that Medicaid will recompense for tubal ligation for family planning purposes, and would approaching to confirm this. My prenatal care is rewarded for by Medicaid, so if I could have the tubal done and rewarded for in the hospital when I administer birth, this would be ideal. Has anyone here have this done? Does Medicaid definitely cover the procedure, and be your hospital willing to achieve it during your stay? (With any luck we are having a vaginal birth, not a C-section.) If so, did it prolong your stay? What type of anesthesia is used, and how long did the procedure clutch?


Answers:    It covers tubal ligation in my state, it's probably that channel in adjectives states. In some states you have to dawdle a 30 day waiting extent after requesting it. Talk to your OBGYN asap about getting the paperwork started. Good luck :-)
I don't own kids more less my tube tied. But, i do know of women who do and enjoy had their tubes tied have medicaid. I think that you inevitability to have adjectives the paper work bursting out before a indisputable time so that they do cover it. You could talk to you doc more or less it. You can probably look up your states medicaid rules online. And
Your doc's office can report you the answer in the morning if you hail as them.
Don't pay attention to nation who just want to hear themselves confer.

I had a tubal ligation after my 3rd child when I be 31. It was rewarded in my state by Medicaide as my husband get hurt very unsuccessfully on the job while I be only 4 mos along. But I don't recommend it after the first child. I'm not sure they will even do it after the first child. You obligation to ask. Anyway, I got them done...I thought. Many years subsequently...I became pregnant and miscarried. Wow! Turns out they didn't do it right. Oh capably. Your financial situation can change. It other does and who knows, conceivably your child will want a brother or sister someday. You never know when things will come along and make your money troubles into money welfare. Besides, there are plentiful forms of birth control and remember once you do the tubal thing or the vasectomy is not reversable like they read out. The surgery is very expensive and it remarkably rarely works. Please dream up about this. I need I hadn't had the surger myself as it cause some severe scar tissue problems and contributed to my hysterectomy second year. It really isn't worth it. It's too permanent. I'd loaf until your child is at least 2 until that time you go and do something close to that.

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