Does this nouns similar to chronic fatigue syndrome?

i am 31 year old married woman. for the final 2 months, been have strange symptoms. swollen nodes in nouns, they kinda hurt at times. kinda dizzy, like spaced out hunch. also, a strange feeling contained by my trachea. no fever or dark sweats or itching. actually gain like 5 pounds. surface kinda depressed and stressed out because i am looking for a job and have a hard time finding one. have no problems sleeping. my sister and mom have hypo thyroid problems and i am a bit anemic. i hold been to 3 doctors, nobody can digit it out. could this be mono, cancer? please help me...

Answers:    It sounds to me close to you may need to hold Thyroid tests done. Have any of the 3 Dr's you enjoy been to done adjectives of these tests: Free T3, Free T4, & TSH? That is the best path to get an accurate height reading. I would also suggest getting an autoimmune antibody titer blood test to check for auto-immune Hashimoto's Thyroid.

There enjoy been some studies that show a correlation between Auto-immune Thyroiditis & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You might want to turn ahead & ask for a Chronic Fatigue Panel of blood tests. If your Dr. doesn't treat CFS, usually Rheumatologists are a right choice of Physicians who treat & test for this regularly.

In extension, have any of your Doctors figure out what is causing your Anemia? If not I would pursue that route of carrying out tests to rule out any cancer issues, BUT I think to be precise most likely NOT the problem.

One final thing, Hypothyroidism is inherent. In my family, my Mom, my niece, and I adjectives have be diagnosed with it. Figuring within the facts that both your Mom & sister have this too, I would suggest starting near the Thyroid tests as they are pretty cheap to own done & sound resembling the most likely culprit. Hope this help. Good luck in getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. Hope you have a feeling better soon!
Sounds like depression; but.. if you're overweight and your waist is over 35 within. (in women) you could be dealing with the precursor of diabetes: Metabolic Syndrome.
Have your Dr. run a glucose tolerance experiment.
Best of luck.
You should try seeing a natural doctor. You could hold an iodine deficiency. Iodine regulates your thyroid. Also you should give somebody a lift a multi vitamin with iron. Taking omega 3 fish oil can really help next to depression and stress. It aids in brain function.

If you can find the vivacity, exercise can really improve your moods, vigour and over all form. Good luck.
From what you have described, no.

You could be have some metabolic disorder, probably thyroid based on your family connections history.

The symptoms and diagnosis of fibromyalgia is very different.

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