How EXACT must I be beside when taking Birth Control Pills?

I've started taking Birth Control Pills, and I've been swallowing them pretty much at 10 pm every hours of darkness, to the second.
Is that preciseness necessary?
Will its usefulness be reduced if I give or bear a few minutes?

Answers:    As long as you take it around matching time each time you'll be ok. I would take them when I woke up contained by the mornings. Sometimes I would forget and take it 8 hours postponed. It didn't do any harm. You're solitary in trouble if you forget to clutch them for days at a time. An hour here or there is not going to cause them any less efficient.
I don't think that if you bring the pills a lil before or after 10 pm will engineer a diffrence at how they'll work. Just take them around that time at smallest. Double check with your doctor. But-I've be on the pill for 11 years and I too take my pill every evening at 10pm. You pretty much necessitate to take them in the hour of that time. Remember that when you take antibiotics for any point you need to also use condoms.
I dont guess you have to be so precise resembling to the second but in like time frame because if you dont it can have really fruitless side effects like I took my pill a 2 hours behind and ended up beside a 28 day time of year and the doctor told me it was because i messed up the timing of the dosage so look out. if your worried about timing beside pills you should try the patch or the shot! Less worry. You don't enjoy to be that exact, you can be off by plus minus an hour, possibly more, check what the instructions articulate.

Should you ever forget (or not be able to) whip the pill on time, pinch it as soon as possible, but use an additional form of contraception e.g. condom or cream.

Depending how regular your spell was up to that time you started taking the pill, you may still be protected in the taking it past due scenario, but it is best not to take probability.

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