Birth Control Pills...Help?! Girls with the sole purpose!?

Well, I have be using the pills for almost 6 months but I have a ask. During the time that pills finish and we are waiting for the period to start (normally its 2 or 3 days) is it ok if we hold sex during that period? Can we capture pregnant because we are not on pill during those days?. Can you girls help me out? plzzz

Answers:    Taking the pill every sunshine as prescribed fully extends the protection to the days where you are not supposed to give somebody a lift the pill, so you are fine. I posted a link below if you close to to know more.

Each method of contraception has a percentage odds of conceiving a child and none of them are 100%, this includes the pill as well, designation it is not 100%. Surgery usually has a better luck to prevent pregnancy, but there are exceptions here as ably.
i dont think you can but near is always that 1% that does chat to you doc or Gyno about theyll answer it or even phone the pharmacy where you get it from they'll help you out

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