Is this grotesque.. low to no sex drive? (girls only)?

occasionally i think guys are cute and ive kissed a couple but i conjecture sex seems really gross.. and ive never masturbated or required to, really. i just dont feel i have a sex drive really or its simply really low. is that normal? oh, and i'm 18. any other women have a feeling like this?

Answers:    I don`t know you should consult a doctor about this
it is not unusual. just because you are feminine and you happen to be beside our around a male, you don't own to get sexually aroused. copious don't masturbate and some feel it is disgusting. and specifically OK. there is no right or wrong on that subject. to some, sex is gross. tons women don't like the road male genitalia looks. you are OK. in that is nothing you said that make you seem or nouns strange. actually i regard alot of women feel the path you do. gosh thats a bit weird...

Maybe you haven't have a good influence on sex...
its not extraordinary Its not wierd. Everyone is different. Like me, normally guys enjoy the higher sex drive but contained by my relationship I want it more than my bf most times.
I think it is everyday. It is probably just a sign of infantile behaviour of the body. did you get your time when you were elder? really I don't think anything is wrong near you! I am a christian and Really I don't have the drive any. I think when I am married that I would savour it much more. i totally feel you on i didnt chew over anyone else felt that bearing... sex really does seem gross and boring..honestly though its probably because you haven't met anyone that make you feel that passageway at least thats what im assuming
i cogitate it's normal, every woman is different. Sometimes you see guys and yes they appear cute but no sex thought come surrounded by you head. I guess when you couple up with someone, if that individual turns you on, it will be different for you, you dont necessarily own to go around trying to you know wht beside every breathing man out there. Not odd - I was like peas in a pod way until I be I'd influence 30 - and lots of women older than me make clear to me it was much duplicate for them
is normal, i give my ex-husband from once a week to once a month (b4 we were divorced), i freshly don't feel want to. Hey :)
This is not unusual, but factor that could be afecting your sex drive are certian types of medication so if you are on any you may want to speak to your doctor.
Also I think when you enjoy been futher than kissing things may transfer, sometimes the more you have have sexual experences the more you will know your body and what can turn you on. ie you say you hold never masturbated.. you should try exploring to see what feels honest for you and what gets you contained by the mood ..
I never feel attracted to guys any. Then I realized that I approaching women. You're fine.

If you were a guy, you would come up with about sex adjectives the time and want it because guys have their sexual peak around the age of 18-22.
Women peak within their 30s or 40s.

A lot of women your age are having sex because of peer pressure, the medias or their boyfriends pressuring them. They don't really want it.
In reality, having sex too impulsive will turn you off sex for the rest of your energy. You do it because other people want you to do it but you'll never really delight in it.

I personally be never pressured and started getting the urge to have sex when I be 19 and met my first crush. When you have sex because you cannot not hold sex, it's an out of body experience.
Then, by the age of 25, my body really was painful to get pregnant. I have my first child at 26.

In twenty years, when you'll be 38, you will be horny and I hope your partner will be 18-22!
i felt that same passageway at about 18. the simply reason you aren't sentiment that urge is honestly... because you have never have an orgasm. I used to wonder how people could put such inflection on sex, i never thought that it was that great, but when you not solely are experiencing it with someone that you hold a deeper connection beside (other than purely sexual attraction), and it's done right, it can be amazing.
you got your adjectives life ahead of you, i wouldn't verbs about it, it will come to you :)
a short time ago be safe!!

:) :) :)
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