can stress cause you to enjoy stomach aches, unpromising cramping pains, feel nauseated scared, tired? what all can stress result in you to feel?

Answers:    Yes, it's true. I other get that too. When ever I own final exams or big tests. I cramping and discouraging stomach and all to be precise OK after exams. It's an ailment of stress. Different people attain different behavioral changes such as some bite their nail or pluck their hair. I know one of the girls she keep on plucking hair from her pave the way one after other when she is stressed out.
interesting facts about stress.
If you chill it help you though.

Yes, stress can do amazing things to the body. stress can literally do almost anything to your body. it can even make you start have symptoms of pregnancy just because you're worried give or take a few it, and you won't even be pregnant!!
take up I don`t know exercising, or even something like yoga to give a hand you get that time to escape from everyday existence. it will help you seize back on track (and stay in good health =P)
every person copes differently beside stress.. you can feel sick. But it wouldnt closing long and by the sound of your symtoms its something more than in recent times stress and you should really see a doctor or nurse as soon as poss. If you are feeling stressed alot after you need to trademark time for yourself and have a rest and a cup of water or walk for a walk contained by the fresh air and your ambience should pass. If they dont you want to speak with someone and know that these sensations can be treated :) Good luck stress and worrying can cause lots of problems.. the principal and very serious one is stomach ulcer.. you can get them and you entail to have an endoscopy (camera surrounded by your tummy) to see if you have any.. also you might own IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) depending on the person you can own the runs or others get constipation.. and adjectives the pain that comes beside it.. i think you should see your doctor and see if he can serve you
Yes, stress can wreak havoc on your body. It can and does cause a wide open array of symptoms to every area. It can be a huge denial influence on your overall health and wellness cause physical and emotional debilitation. Identify the stressors within your life and avoid or bring back rid of them, if you can. If you are already experiencing physical symptoms you should seek professional treatment to prevent damage. Good luck to you. I hope this is an essay question for a grant, because trust me I could use it.

It can do all of what you say aloud and more. It can lower your immune system, increase your blood sugar, and even make you gain immensity. It can cause diarrhea, or constipation... it's almost a one size fits adjectives.

My suggestion, the symptoms that you are describing can have alot of cause, some serious... most are not. If they've been around for a while, see a doctor. They can bestow you a definitive answer...
Yes, all of that is to say normal. Here's what I do...

Lie down contained by your bed or a comfy chair for 10 minutes a couple times a afternoon. Think about your favorite place and a short time ago let your mind stroll on things you love.

Dream about what you really want and how to seize it ~ but don't stress and worry that you're a end. Say stuff out loud similar to "I'm too healthy to be sick" or "I love me" and relay yourself out loud adjectives the things you love about you.

Next time stress hits, throw it out and transmit yourself that nothing can bring to you. Not even other people.

Repeat regularly and you should stress less ;-)

Hope this help!
Stress can do all kind of things with your body, for example it can produce symptoms of a heart attack, make you throw up, hyperventilate etc., lots of really drastic things. I posted a cooperation below, it give an overview and will give support to you to do some more research on your own. to relieve stress, try to think something like positive things, remember beautiful events you experienced.
you can try auto-hypnosis, too, it can be tremendously effective
relaxing music, can aid
try use anti-stress plants and herbs, it's a organic way to cure stress
this website describes some anti-stress herb
good luck

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