Progesterone Shot during Pregnancy?

Due to the fact that I'm Pregnant and High Risk I enjoy to have a Progesterone shot once a week. I've have it for 5 weeks now and still hold 15 to go.
I be just wondering who, if any of you ladies hold had to own this too, and if so,how soon after stopping the shot, did you go into labor?
I be told that once you stop the shot its almost immediatly, hust wondering if it was true. I'm scared out of your wits of labor again, my first experience was unGodly and not looking forward to it.

Answers:    I estimate you need a unmarked doctor. Giving you progesterone shots during pregnancy will make you immensely deficient within estrogen. Why would anyone do that to you. The body has a refined balance between those two hormones. An excess of one or the other will really mess up the nurture back loop. High risk for what? I've never hear of anyone being not up to standard in drugs.

You obligation to be tested by someone who understands nutrition and how the body works and not some "C" student explicitly setting your body up to upset the balance your body requests.

I suggest you see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can test you for what you call for to get your blood sugar in proportion and then fix that endocrine go together issue.

good luck to you
although i dont know going on for the shot, i thought that i would help lighten your mind a bit. everyone that i know that has have multiple children say that the second is waaayyyyyy easier than your first.
of late dont want you to be stressed =P
and best of luck to you :)
I have to strongly disagree next to the above nutritionist's some situations he may be correct, but my assumption is that you are person given progesterone injections to help prevent a miscarriage. Perhaps he should mark out his practice to areas of his specific expertise (unless he is fully trained in obstetrics). Progesterones are not routinely administered surrounded by pregnancy. An OB should have vastly specific reasons for giving the med. As far as going into labor as soon as the shots are stopped, I am not aware of this side effect. Often the injections are not continued through the entire pregnancy. (The first trimester is the most adjectives time frame). Talk with your OB going on for their intentions with the meds and ask them your interrogate about going into labor. S/he should be glad to grazing land your question. However this turns out, you will hold to go into labor again at some point. In have delivered over 500 women, one piece stays the same - respectively pregnancy is different. :) I hope you do not have too frightful an experience this time around.

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