Orgasm put somebody through the mill?

Ugh, I know this is embarressing but I'm not sure I've had an orgasm? I usually take wet BEFORE paw, and then when I stimulate myself I do it until it feel good and my body releases..but I dont thought any ejaculation? Is that normal?? What could I be doing wrong?

Answers:    something definatly wrong..
obtain to climax and keep going till u come Are you a woman? Most women do not experience ejaculation, so that is to say normal. Most orgasms beside clitoral stimulation include an intense pulsating of the uterus or a burning feeling. G-spot orgasms are more of a full-body experience beside a crescendo that builds and then subsides, not necessarily an "over the top" opinion, more relaxing and sensual.
if you are a woman...then it's usual cuz most women don't ejaculate.
but if you are a guy then it isn't run of the mill and you should go to a doctor as soon as possible..polite luck Every woman does not ejaculate. If you get the big release you probably have one. At least a small one. It's be said that if you aren't sure then you never have one. That would be my personal opinion.
if u be aware of a big release then u probably
have one.keep going

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