Pregnancy symptoms?

its about 1 week until my expected term and i have be nauseous for 4-5 days in a minute but only mildly next to no vomiting. My last term only last 1 day which is unusual and i never experience nausea in the past my period. breasts hold been sore, ive also be tired, bloated and have headache. I never use condoms with my bf but he doesnt ejaculate inside me. could i be pregnant?? how hasty do symptoms start?

Answers:    The possibility is quite lofty. Pre-ejaculate may contain sperm. Depends on circumstances and how careful you've be about the bill method. The failure rate of the debt method is very large, though.

If it ends up that you're not pregnant, first get on your knees and say-so a thank you, as you're obviously not wanting a pregnancy.

Secondly, move about get on birth control -- or AT LEAST start using a drug-store method. Condoms, vaginal inserts, foam, the sponge -- SOMETHING! You don't want to dance through an unplanned pregnancy -- no matter the results. I won't preach going on for that.

In the future, both of you requirement to be responsible about birth control. Please conjecture about your adjectives. Here's hoping you have nil to worry roughly this time.
YES YOU COULD BE PREGNANT, I WOULD TAKE A TEST. Yes you can be pregnant. Buy a test.
If you're on birth control, this could be the rationale of your symptoms. Especially if you have not long started the pills. If not, your man can still get you pregnant even if he pulls out. Men enjoy something called So jump take a interview You can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, so yes, it sounds close to you may be pregnant.
please check properly your doctor and take treatment.symptoms is man start as u tell

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