Has birth control artificial your sex drive at adjectives?


Answers:    I've been on the bc Yaz very soon for 5 months and I have almost no sex drive. Never be a problem before, but when I started this bc it really kill it.
I think it kinda have. I was on the depo provera shot for a year and a partly, and now I'm stale of it, but ever since I took the shot, I am not interested in sex adjectives that much. I'm still with the one and solitary guy that I have done anything sexual next to, but I just don't be aware of like have sex all that recurrently. Anytime I've been on the pill, it turned me into a raging hormonal **.

Anytime I'd be on antidepressants it did worse than kill my sex drive. I didn't even want to hold hand.
while on the ortho evra patch I've been horny-er afterwards ever. And when my boyfriends not around Its worse. I know it sounds like a practical joke but I've been masterbating around 4 times a afternoon average. But on the negative. BC make me extremely irritable and I've been opinion super depressed. So I think that's why I use sex. It make me happy.

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