MS or Fibromyalgia, anyone know, symptoms programmed any suggestion would be great?

K, things have be getting worse, started out with little muscle spasms that really hurt, my collar is always tender a) contained by the past two months I go from having migraines from once or twice a week to five times a week, my foot are now curling up on me and I can't stir to sleep and I have to stand on them and use my body freight to get them to straighten out, I don't own the muscle strength anymore to pick my son up, yesterday sitting on the couch went to stand, my legs be slightly numb and prickly, then the this morning my legs almost give out on me and I almost fell what could this be please help and in attendance have be continued tiredness, I am going to see a neurologist in a week for the migraines, wondering if anyone else have been through this and what suggestion I could give somebody a lift to the nuerologist in what this might be, I go on webmd and they mention fibromyalgia and ms and stuff like that does anyone enjoy an idea

Answers:    The neurologist is your best bet. There are too copious different conditions with these symptoms to try to digit it out yourself.

I have these symptoms. My diagnosis turned out to be chronic myofascial niggle, something that many folks next to fibromyalgia have within addition to their fibro.

Some counsel: When this first hit me, back surrounded by 1994, I drove myself crazy imagining worst travel case scenarios. I be terrified that I have some fatal disease because my strength had be perfect up till that point. Don't torture yourself next to "what ifs." Just go draw from it checked out.
It sounds like it may even be rheumatoid arthritis. That cause some of those conditions.. I'm sorry to hear about your conditions, and I hope the doctor finds out what is the problem, and can make available you something to help. I don't come up with it's fibromyalgia, that does make adjectives your muscles hurt but I don't think it would kind your legs numb and prickly. Keep that doctor's appointment and good luck.
If its bravery pain or MS next the neuroligist is the person to see, however if your have your having muscular and skeletal torment.a Rheumatoligsist is the branch of medicine to persue!

I enjoy Fibro but don't have issues beside the numb and prickly feelings, and it doesn't come across to be one of the top symptoms. A Neuroligist shouldn't diagnosis fibro anyways its not their speciality. It sounds like you should ask him for a referal to a Rheumatoligist, who could diagnosis the fibro, different types of arthritis, or muscular skeletal misery. You may end up getting devout info from the neuro guy, but ask him for a referral to a Rheumatoligist too their treatments may compliment eachother. In diagnosing my fibro I went to every doctor beneath the sun, but the rheumatoligist figured my situation out.

Whatever it is polite luck to you, I know what its like to live beside pain.

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