Whats your feelings on Breast Implants?

Ok im like 5'2- 5'2 110lb. i own NO BOOBIES =( im like a 34 A but zilch seriously at all is near!! the only time is when im on my napkin and they get big and sore! I want to go and get implants but really small ones so they look concrete and knw one will thnk i got implant because why wld someone get htem to where on earth there solely a full A cup? riteee.. so what do you think? and wld i really enjoy to replace them every 5 yrs? no they wont be the cheapy kind any. :i looked for a very honourable doc::

Answers:    Don't do it!
There are LOTS of guys out here like me, who prefer smaller breasts, and don't close to the feel at adjectives of fake ones.

Seriously, don't grasp sucked into this myth that bigger is better.
Small titties rule!
i dont think you should bring them. think something like all the appropriate parts to having small boobs: you can fit into almost adjectives shirts well.
when a guy is chitchat to you, you know he is looking at your face, not your boobs.
you dont ever hold to worry in the order of them "slipping out." of shirts or bathing suits.
and there are so much more! why would you want to tuning yourself to look like every other girl. be creative and accept yourself for the method God made you.
breast size is the same as penis size. i individually dont care how big my girls boobies are. however i resembling to think that i hold a large penis but from the answers i own seen on this website most women dont precision a about penis size. i reflect on the best advice for you is that God give them to you so use them. there is other balance. you may own small boobs but you probably shag like a mink. appointment me dont do this to yourself. stay what u r now. why do u want them? basically for the same have big boobs and saying and individual actually notice that you have have a boob job. i don't see a use. and also...u say you don't want too big ones so stay whre u r right very soon. save yourself!and how feeble ur by the way?
I wouldn't attain them, they can be expensive, leave scar or the opperation could go wrong, there's so copious reasons why (more than that, I basically can't think). Have you been messured professionally? I thought I be a 34B and the woman in the store be like "No track are you wearing the right bra!" Turns out I was a 32D! That might surface to you, I thought I had no boobs! Also, it depends how out-of-date you are, they can still grow. Or try Chicken Fillets (Little bra implants) or a padded bra or a push up bra! Good Luck! Honey. I don't contemplate you are right for them. You are way to small i infer it will just look computer-generated and it wouldn't look good. You also necessitate to take into consideration how older you are. There is a lot of risks at the back breast implants. My mom have breast cancer and refuses to catch her breasts removed. I think that the just reason you should grasp them is if that happens. They could also erupt within your body causing infection and possibly diseases. I am actually 36-d and i hold severe back problems (reverse scoliosis) big boobs aren't everything they are cracked up to be. Take it from someone who know. You also shouldn't get them if you would one and only want a full a cup. No matter how much bigger you attain them they are going to look fake and perceive fake. A lot of guys approaching natural girls. At tiniest guys that actually would want to be next to someone for a while. Take that into consideratoin too. I hope you make the right declaration. : )
I don't think you should capture breast implants. You should be blissful with the channel you look. Instead of changing your physical appearance perchance you should change your approach of thinking. You are always going to find something you are unsatisfied near if you don't change your thought process. On top of that not have big boobs has its benefits for one you don't other have to wear a bra, they don't hurt your fund, they're better when you do exercise etc. I know I'm just a 32 A and I'm proud of them. A friend of mine growing up wasn't even an A cup. She still isn't. My personal inference is that this is the body you were given so you involve to work on being comfortable near who and what you are. If you really think that getting implant - even small ones - will somehow magically change the path you see yourself I'm not going to stop you. But consider everything that's involved with implant; research the procedure, the cost, if there's any upkeep; weight the pros and cons and if you still believe implant are your best option consequently, again, I'm not going to stop you.

But seriously...what's the big deal around boobs? Be happy next to who you are. If you're worried about the size of your breasts everyone else will be worried almost it. If you don't notice, neither will anyone else. Your interrogate was what be people's opinion. Well that's mine. but if you settle on to go through near it, make sure to do your homework first.

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