Birth Control HELP!?!?

Hey, so I got a 3 month trial pack of Aleese 28 from my doctor, and have a bit of nausea the first month, then everything worked out great and I like the pill.

I went to draw from my prescription and then they switched me to the generic brand Aviane due to my drug plan.

I hold heard ancestors getting terribly miserable on this pill, and am worried in the region of the side effect.

Has anyone gone from Aleese to Aviane and what was it similar to?

Or have you be on Aviane?

Does it work well?

I only just dont want to break out and be full of rage adjectives the time.

Answers:    The people that be miserable on Aviane would have probably be miserable on the Alesse too.

A generic drug is a copy that is one and the same as a brand-name drug in dosage, sanctuary, strength, how it is taken, quality, deeds and intended use. Since generics use the same influential ingredients and are shown to work the same means of access in the body, they own the same risks and benefits as their brand-name counterparts (meaning your body should take action the same method to the Alesse and the Aviane).

The only difference surrounded by brand and generic drugs are what the manufacturers affix in as "fillers" to produce the pills...those are ingredients in the pill that make the addition of color, add bulk to net the pill big enough to swallow, ect.

So unless by some drastically tiny random accidental you are allergic to one of the "fillers" in Aviane, you shouldn't see a alteration in your mood, skin, or anything else. Usually that giving of stuff is due to the hormones in birth control pills, and since Alesse and Aviane enjoy the same style and same exact amount as each other, you should be positively fine. :-) Hope this helps.

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