HPV Virus, Pap Smears?

Okay, so I am 19, recently sexually involved and soon to get my first pap smear.

Now, Me and my partner be both virgins and have not have any other sexually partners.
Is within any change I could hold contracted HPV? (we use a condom every time) It just sounds so extremly adjectives.

But we are both clean of STD's, so I guess I in recent times think something dismal could still happen. It lately says HPV can be spread through sex, so it seem like it can surface to anyone, even if they are both clean.

And what is it close to getting a pap smear? How long does it usually takes?


Answers:    If you be both virgins, and used condoms every time you had sex, the probability of getting HPV is slim.

Pap smears take just about 5 minutes (including the brest exam, and setting up of all the tools the doctor will use) The actual exam take less than a minute to collect the sample.

While having a stranger beside front row seats poke around your private parts, nearby is really nothing to be afraid of. They will hold you undress from the waist down, and give you a thesis drape to cover yourself. They will have you lay on the exam table (remember that you want to be as far down as you can jump...) with your foot in what are call stirups. They will have you spread your knees apart. They will insert a tool call a speculum in your vagina. The speculum is used to hold your vaginal walls overt.don't be alarmed if it is a little cold. (They will also lube it up so it slides contained by easy) Once it is in, and the vaginal walls are held sympathetic, they will take a long "Q-Tip" and wipe your cervix next to it a couple times. They will then pinch the speculum out and have you catch dressed. There may also be a breast exam. They feel adjectives of your breast tissue from your collar bone to your upper abdomen, and from your armpits to the center of your chest. The intact process should take smaller number than 5 minutes.

You shouldn't feel any headache. Maybe slight pressure when they put the speculum in, and when they are collecting the sample from your cervix.

A good doctor will give an account you what he/she is about to do past they do it.

While they are embarassing to have done, they are not adjectives that bad. The first one is other the hardest, as you have never have one so you don't know what to expect.

It is very impressive that you don't have sex, or douche 24-48 hours formerly the test. You can achieve an abnormal result. It is ok to shower or filch a bath the morning of.. and greatly appreciated by the being doing the exam.

Good Luck
if you used a condom every time, before he even started to break into you, then you should be alright. but in recent times so you know, it can be spread orally also.

getting a pap smear can be mortified, but it is easier when youve already had sex. in that is a lot of pressure on the walls of the vagina because it is open up so wide, and you can get the impression the swab rubbing your cervix. it doesnt really hurt; it is just more self-conscious than anything, almost like a twinge of cramps or something. they usually dont whip more than like 30 second. it's a pretty quick procedure.

when you jump in for your pap, you might want to ask to procure tested for stds, since the doc is in at hand anyway. they'll just do an extra swab. if you want to be tested for hpv, you hold to ask for it specifically.

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