DOCTORS PLEASE IS Endep 10mg tablet ok while breastfeeding?

My doctor prescribed me Endep 10mg tablet yesterday
I had my son 4months ago after I have him I hemorrhaged then have endomitritis, mastitis x4, and was surrounded by and out of hospital for the first three months I also have have a headache for 7month and have vastly bad shoulder/back niggle due to headache also chronic pain, because of adjectives that I have also be feeling down sometimes and stressed because I enjoy been within and out of hospital so much. I am not depressed, I have be to talk to someone a few times and they enjoy said I am not depressed and mostly I am happy I newly feel down because I am still unwell and its be 4months since our sons birth (I really hate person sick).
anyway my question is is it past the worst while breastfeeding he prescribed it for the chronic pain and said it would give support to me sleep and may help my mood.

My doctor know I'm breastfeeding but I googled it and it said it was not to be taking while breastfeeding.

Answers:    Your best source of information is going to be your pharmacist. They are exceedingly familiar beside medications, and if they don't know stale the top of their heads, they own the resources right there to check.

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