I own a sound out almost Yasmine Birth Control. I would resembling to not hold my time for 1 - 2 mon. is that poss

Do you keep taking the pink pills skip over the white ones?

Answers:    Certain birth controls can be used to skip your time of year, but not all of them. I'm pretty sure Yasmine is one of the ones you can use to skip it, but you should ask your doctor or pharmacist to be trustworthy. You just skip the still pills and start on the next pack. You shouldn't do that more than two months within a row unless your doctor tells you otherwise. There is a greater haphazard of breakthrough bleeding (bleeding between periods) so be aware of that. It's definately important to check beside your pharmacist or doctor before you try and skip your length.
I take Yasmin pill.
Just preserve taking the "active" pills & dont take the white ones.
My Doctor have assured me it is perfectly undamaging to do this.
I usually go for in the order of 3 months before I consent to my period come through.
You may breakthrough bleed within between periods for a time bit (I never have though).
Have a look on the information booklet, it will tell you what is within the active and non stirring pills. If the active pills adjectives have the exact same ingredients near the same level then you can only just skip the non active pills. I do this for 3 months at a time adjectives the time but i am on a different pill. You may get some break through bleeding but it will be minor

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