Pregnancy and meds??

I've been taking prozac for in the order of 3 months now for my anxiety and depression. And I believe I might be pregnant for the second time can i still appropriate prozac while pregnancy.. I really don't want to stop it but will it give it some quality of effect on the fetus?

Answers:    Talk to your doctor about it, but Prozac is one of the SSRI's to be precise safer during pregnancy. Many women have taken it throughout their pregnancies and the babies own been fine. Do not suddenly stop taking it in need talking to your MD first, you may involve to be weaned off of it, to your MD may speak is is okay to continue taking it during your pregnancy.

Edit: Prozac is an FDA pregnancy category "C" drug, which channel there hold been no controlled studies contained by pregnant women. They have not see an increased rate of birth defects contained by people, but own seen an increased risk within animals. Pregnant women should only pilfer it if the benefit greatly outweighs the risk.
Well, no. It is believed that prozac may cause birth defect especially if taken during the first trimester. You absolutely should NOT be taking prozac while pregnant or breast feed.

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