Birth Control HELP PLEASE!!?

I was taking Alesse for 3 years consequently I switched to Yasmine because I was told it be good for controlling PMS. That be a big lie- I became depressed and one month my interval came and it be normal the subsequent month it was 2 days behind schedule, heavy consequently light I be moody ect. I am now starting Aviane. Since I hold not got sour birth control at all surrounded by the past 3 years will the value drop because I am switching?

Answers:    It should not as long as you are constantly taking it and taking it as directed. Read the inserts in the Avaiane to be sure though. I have the same problem, go through five or six types in one year past I found the right one. Neither Alesse or Yasmine worked for me either. Seasonale is obedient now for me.
With Seasonique you enjoy only 4 period per year. One pack comes with 91 pills. There are 84 immobile pills and 7 pills that contain a low dose of Estrogen. This helps next to any side effects of your period, including breakthrough bleeding.

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