Pregnancy Question for Mommy's :)?

first day of my second period be January 11, Im a regular 35 day cycle so I be expecting my period February 15.

I didnt realize I be late till sunday; I took a pregnancy examination and it came out cynical? Usually I feel when I ovulate, I receive a discharge, I do not remember any discharge, or cramping.

I hade especially light, and brief cramping saturday and monday dark. What do you think pregnancy? Late extent, even though Im regular?

Answers:    Irregularity can happen at any time for any number of reason. Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. If you don't draw from your period within the next few days consequently I'd recommend that you re-test or go see a doctor for a blood HCG smooth.
take a testing -they are very accurate. Wait a week, clutch another test (the expensive one, don't skimp on this).

You're probably lately irregular.
You could be you never know it used to be that you had to be at least possible ten days into a pregnancy for it to raise your hormone level for it to read, but now they enjoy earlier theory test. you can Waite or get checked out. your choice. but if you are that concerned I don`t know you should be go surrounded by into doc's office to procure looked at.

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