Orgasm bring put money on fresh blood?

If someone has finished their extent and just have minimal brown spotting and then grab out Mr Buzzy and half an hour or so latter there be fresh blood, would this be caused by an orgasm?

Is it average?

Answers:    You have uterine contractions to relief the sloughing off walls, this is not an orgasm. this is why women hold "cramps"
So if your orgasm causes uterine contraction, and you are at that time you will enjoy some blood

It is normal
yes you popped your cherry it is commonplace You probally just get out some blood that was departed up there, Dont verbs
COMPLETELY NORMAL! Not only B>O>B.but your man will do this...your uterus is contracting when you enjoy an orgasm...hence, it will push anything "in there" out. sure -residual menstrual blood. if you are concerned, see your gyn for an exam.
Its call: "ask your family doctor" This happen to me every month.

The first time I have orgasm after my term, there is blood. I reckon it's because an orgasm makes everything inside shudder a bit, which would dislodge any blood disappeared over.
If it wasn't fully finished, anything could happen near your period. I wouldn't articulate it's from the orgasm. Maybe it stopped during the orgasm, and had to find a track to come out after. Yes. Because the walls of your uterus are a bit "raw" from the recent sloughing off of the facing, an orgasm which makes the uterus contract can also impose it to bleed. It may actually be bleeding, or it may even be blood your uterus is starting to store for the subsequent month's period. You should dawdle longer before a upright buzzin'.
I think you should consult a physical to be ABSOLUTELY sure, yet it is typical and customary. It is always better to nouns on the side of caution... yes if you are a virgin possibly you de-virganized ur self or maybe you where on earth not quite as done near ur menstral as you thought, it was a short time ago probally slow and so little, and with the pressurer or muscle spasm you cause it to become loser, also with the extra rush of fluid from ur mucus from cumming yes it is possible to start pay for up bleeding.
Yes, the uterus moves durring an orgasm and it may have loosend up some blood. I enjoy had it come up too.

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