Should I ask my doctor to check for PCOS?

Today, as I went through energy help forums, I academic of PCOS. I'd never heard of it beforehand, and every time I learn of a medical condition I don't know roughly, I search it. So as I be reading about PCOS, I notice that the signs and symptoms were eerily adapted to many problems I obverse. My periods used to come more frequently than they should own, and though they're beginning to even out very soon, the amount of bleeding alternates from light to extremely hefty. I have a impossible acne problem, dark patch on my neck (acanthosis nigricans), and excess body tresses on my chest, stomach, face, and other areas. I'm obese and hold trouble losing weight next to no problem gaining it. Also, I enjoy high LDL level and low HDL, and dandruff. All of these are mentioned under symptoms. :(
Is this adequate for me to ask my doctor to test for PCOS? Also, what can you relay me about it, because I'm really worried give or take a few this. I'm probably just man paranoid, right? I'm sixteen, by the way.

Answers:    Of course you can ask your doctor. If you're not sure if you stipulation a test, in recent times mention the symptoms to your doctor and you can decide together whether you should enjoy one done.
It can't hurt to talk near your doctor about things you're unsure almost.
About researching medical conditions on the internet, be careful. First of adjectives, you don't want to make yourself too paranoid. Second, sometimes it lead you to self-diagnose yourself and you could make closely of mistakes. You can either overestimate or underestimate the issue, and neither one of those is biddable. So don't worry, and articulate with a doctor.
man that you do get your term you prob do NOT have pcos, but check near your doctor and have them do a ultrasound to confirm.

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