Endometriosis worries?

I am scared I might hold endometriosis and am going to see doctor about it. But I read it have links to cancer, MS and allsorts... worried! Anyone know anything about this?

Answers:    Hi!
I be diagnosed with endo almost 4 years ago after years of agony and 1 year of not being competent to get pregnant.
I do know that some research have shown a slight increase of certain types of cancer contained by women with endo. The increase however is terrifically slight, and much more research is needed to understand the join. Having endo is no death sentance and does not plan you are sure to get cancer.PLEASE, DON'T PANIC ENO DOES NOT GIVE YOU CANCER! it may single increase the risk of certain types (very, remarkably, very slightly approaching I pointed before). I don't believe there is a connection between MS or endo either. Both MS and endometriosis are auto immune diseases but they are at one remove linked, so have one does not mean you will attain the other.

There are many sites online where on earth you can do research and find more about this condition.

One piece of warning I would have for you is to find a apposite doctor in your nouns with endo experience. Not adjectives doctor's are well versed within the newests treatments and options.

After surgery to remove the endo and treatment I be able to attain pregnant "the old fashioned way"surrounded by 5 months. My son is now 2 years feeble.

GOOD LUCK AND DON'T WORRY. YOU MIGHT NOT EVEN HAVE ENDOMETRIOSIS, and if you do there are treatments and hope.

This site might be encouraging:
Don't worry.
Nog, use your noggin don't start jump to conclusions wait for what the doctor say than you can start worrying even then merely because something may be linked to cancer doesn't necessarily tight you are going to get cancer. I know alot in the order of endometriosis. I have it and I hold for a
long time. I had two operation last year and one be a
hysterectomy. First of all, it does not bring cancer or MS or
anything else. You can get something call fibroids which
are tumors, but they are not cancer. I know I had one removed. Endo can be extremely rough and in some women
they don't hold pain. I suffered big time near pain, I hope
you don't. Good luck. Also look out about what medication your doctor puts you on. Do research before
taking them, raison d`¨ētre alot of them are quite doomed to failure and don't help
next to the pain at adjectives. I had to pinch strong pain killer.

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