Women next to PCOS?

When being put on meds for this, am I gonna enjoy to take a different category for each "symptom" (i.e. one to regulate, one for insulin level or enabling me to lose weightiness, one for hair growth retardation...) ? thx!

Answers:    Well, I be given the choice of birth control pills or progesterone to regulate. If you're not trying to have kids and sexually involved, I'd go for the birth control. I don't whip anything for the insulin resistance just monitor my carb intake. BTW, chromium picolanate is great for reducing the cravings for carbs. As far as the the hair growth, I did laser spine removal.

From what I've read, losing even 10% of your body weight can greatly curtail your symptoms. But as you prob know PCOS makes it greatly easy to gain and extraordinarily hard to lose.

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