Spider Veins and Pregnancy?

Any home remedies to reduce or at lowest possible try and control spider veins during pregnancy ??
Fourth pregnancy ...

Answers:    Family inheritance & weight gain usually predisposes you to spider vein. Varicose veins, which are usually found within the legs and genital area, turn out when blood pools in vein enlarged by the hormones of pregnancy. Varicose veins regularly disappear after pregnancy, but you can lessen them by:
*avoiding standing or sitting for long periods of time
*wearing loose-fitting clothing
*wearing support hose
*elevating your foot when you sit
Actually, there are no TRUE ways to get rid of spider vein, and they are very adjectives after pregnancy. I have them to but they aren't that desperate. Sometimes they fade on their own, sometimes they stay forever. Just like yourself the course you are and everyone else will too!

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