If you enjoy be large risk for HPV, does that be a sign of you will in reality bring back it or...?

does it mean that if you get the shots it will keep it away. I be told I was large risk for it, but did not not have it. What are my likelihood of me actually getting it?

Answers:    Your HPV assessment is positive you have one or more of the lofty risk 13 high risk HPV types that our HPV screen for.

Being positive for high risk HPV types be set to you have one or more of the HPV types found contained by cancers. It does not mingy your HPV infection will progress to a cancer. It does mean that you will want to have follow-up test as recommended by your doctor.

The HPV vaccine prevents high risk HPV types 16 and 18. It does not treat HPV types you already hold. If you are positive for high risk HPV types 16 and 18 it will not hold on to it away you already have it.

High risk HPV types do not collectively cause marked genital warts. Visible genital wart are generally cause by low risk HPV types 6 or 11. However you may also carry a co-infection beside low risk HPV types our HPV test does not peak for low risk HPV types since these HPV types are not found in cancer.

They are 30+ dignified and low risk HPV types that are found in the genital nouns.

More information on the vaccine

A persistent progress HPV infection can progress to a cancer. Your doctor can treat your HPV infection since it progresses.

I wish you powerfully.
are you sure they didnt mean illustrious risk for cervical cancer. i have HPV and theres no risk except for if i own unprotected sex and contract it, so im confused on why they would say that. everyone have the same risk for that as long as youre sexually involved, but if you have it your at dignified risk for the cervical cancer. Women's risk for HPV comes from sexual exposure. If you don't have it, you can moderate risk by using condoms. The level of risk comes from the number of unprotected sex partners--the difficult that number the greater risk.

The preventative drug "Guardasil"-->(Sp?), protects women from most of the HPV's. It isn't really appropriate for older women who enjoy already had much unprotected sex exposures, from several men.
if your high risk for HPV your doctor is calling you promiscuous... if you hold HPV he is calling your specific type of HPV high risk for cervical cancer. sorry to hear something like it. good luck!

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