Pregnancy and the Depo Shot... how expected is it?

My husband was deployed for 13 months, and for a while over a month before he come back, I arranged to go on a method of birth control because him and I desired a more intimate sexual relationship minus having to be concerned in the region of pregnancy. I have a strong time remembering to take pills, so I granted on the Depo shot. I got my first injection December 17 of 2007. Now I've other had a problem near mood swings and random food cravings or scarcity of cravings. When he came backbone (January 23), we made love (excuse me) several times and have at lowest possible once every two days since then. Lately, I've be gorging, and have be ill, and extremely irritable and paranoid. I've hear tons of horror stories about the shot, and I'm concerned. I don't know if I should verbs the injections, because I have a tricky time remembering to take pills. Should I nick a pregnancy test? How soon? How potential is it? My husband and I both also smoke and are both 22. Any advice would be fantastic. Thank you adjectives!

Answers:    I was on Depo for 2 years and it be an absolute nightmare.

Now, the indiscriminate of you being pregnant are pretty slim, although you should bear a pregnancy test to confirm.

All of the symptoms you are conversation about and Side effects to the shot. And believe me... will merely get worse.

Not too long from presently your sex drive will become non exsistant. When you do have sex your innate lubricant will not be there.
This be my experience and EVERYONE I knew that be on that. Dozens of people!

The reality that you smoke is also VERY bad. And I'm not gist in the conventional "smoking is bad" kinda way.

Blood clots is a serious risk to Depo (as very well as many other forms of BC) and significantly increased by smoking.

My suggestion. DON'T Take your subsequent shot. Please!!

See you Dr. There are MANY other forms of birth control that you can use other than the pill.

I am on Nuvo Ring and love it. Put it within Sunday after my period. Take it out 3 weeks subsequently.
No weight gain, moodiness is mundane (nothing like Depo)

Good Luck.. but please reconcider the shot. It took me very well over a year to come back to regular, both physically and mentally!!
It's very unlikely considering the Depo Shot is supposed to completely knock your spell out.

But then again sometimes culture will have breakthrough bleeding... some bleed for roughly a month... It can also cause smaller amount bone density...
I don't think it would be a fruitless idea to embezzle a test basically to be sure. I never had any pregnancy scare on the shot, took it for the same object you went beside it. I was on it for 3 years. I be however very irritable and moody and other hungry. I also gained cargo like it be nothing on that shot. I indicate I really just started putting on immensity like crazy... AND after I go off the shot I didn't enjoy a period for almost 3 years... It took fertility drugs and hormones to go and get me regular again.

I personally would not recommend the shot to anyone.
My doctor would not even hear of putting me on the shot, she be too worried about the cargo gain and the high risked it posed to my body since I already own had problems. I would only talk to your doctor and see what he/she say and try to find another alternative to birthcontrol. Hi there - I be on depo and I have developed anxiety and depression. I put on loads of weightiness and I am having huge problems to loose it too. I be a nightmare to live with within the end my husband told me to bring back off the depo push.
I doubt if you can be pregnant but get a tryout done incase
there is a possibilty that you could be prego.. my friend be on the shot and she got prego.. the subsequent time you go to gain it tell them you want a prego oral exam and there you budge oh and if you smoke then do not quit if you find out your prego b/c it will be worse on the babe-in-arms =]

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