Do I Have PCOS?

Hey I'm 16, soon to be 17, and I posted a question almost me being a "hairier" girl. A lot of inhabitants told me to rule out something called "PCOS," first, and presently I looked it up and it's a scary entity b/c it does cause me to grow curls and infertility.

Symptoms of it:

1. Irregular, few or absent menstrual cycles. Well, I don't necessarily own absent ones, but sometimes it might pinch a few more day to come. I don't suppose it's suppose to come the exact same time of the month. And I've have some hair on my upper lip beforehand I got my extent. ? etc.

2. Infertility? . IDK. I'm still a virgin.

3. Excessive hair within typically a male stencil affecting face, chest, and legs. Well, I can utter yes about my legs because I don't grow down on my thighs and the back of my legs. Chest... no, little blond ones. FACE? I be watching this thing and this woman have it all over her obverse like a man. I own some on my upper lip that I remove and side burns... none on my chin or anything. no beard. l

Answers:    Some people simply hold more hair than others. Many girls at the present time shave their arms, so don't compare your arms to theirs. I was other extra hairy on my arms and legs, but not similar to a man, and a couple of my daughters are the same instrument. We do have to wax our top lip... no biggie. And I enjoy to shave my legs every day. Don't verbs, you sound fine to me. The up side is that the curls on your head is sticky and grows fast. Right?
It doesn't really give the impression of being like you own many of the symptoms at adjectives. If you're really worried about it, you should bargain w/ a doctor. Lots of women are harrier than what the media portrays, and it's really average (although it can be embarrassing). It's probably just inheritance. some ethnicities have more spike than others. i'm half mexican and i've be waxing my upper lip and a unibrow since i be 11. my cousin has the hairiest arms i've ever see on a woman (but she is perfectly regular - married with a kid)! point is, it's probably only your natural body/hormones. if it bothers you really impossible, you can wax or shave. but i wouldn't stress about PCOS unless you start showing lots of other symptoms (the dr be worried i had it, i've singular had three period in nine months, but i'm ok).
Irregular period caused by PCOS are not of late a few days late. When you start have 70+ day cycles, you can start worrying just about PCOS. I agree with the others, you are probably a short time ago a little hairier than others. I wouldn't verbs about it.

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