Pregnancy/Period Help!!?

Ok so i have be on the pill for years.i was up to taking the sugar pills so i would achieve my period but nil came so i stopped taking my pills altogether to dally for my period. During this time i hold unprotected sex with my BF. I own been outlook very nauseated, my breast to me have a feeling slightly bigger and my nipples have be getting erect for no reason. I also hold milky stuff coming out of one of them when i lightly squeeze it. My lower final has be really sore,I feel approaching i am starving but the thought of food make me feel not at your best, specially when i think of stir frys!! for some purpose that makes me discern sick, and i usually love stirfry..but then yesterday i get my period ( would of be about 3 weeks bad the pill) but i still feel adjectives the above symptoms. What is going on with me!
i should also right to be heard that i took a test this morning and be negative, but i am presently on period for 2nd hours of daylight now!

Answers:    If you get pregnant close to your period, in attendance is a chance that you will hold one last term, and you will have a refusal pregnancy test. I would loaf 2 weeks, and take another oral exam, or go to the doctor, and hold them do a blood test. Good luck!!
Those symptoms would totally suggest pregnancy to me!
I know you can receive your period and still be pregnant (the extent is usually lighter though). I would see a doctor if you are REALLY having adjectives these symptoms. Right now it could be any. You might be having an irregular time, or you could have implanation bleeding (which isn't too common). You should loaf until a week after your period to purloin another HPT - the results you are getting now won't be accurate if you're on your length.

My advice is - even if you still capture a negative on the subsequent HPT, call your doctor and set up an appointment. It is unbelievably common to win a false negative on the HPTs, although false positives are drastically unlikely.

Try to keep yourself cool, calm and collected for now until you find out what is going on. I know it's rugged but it'll only get hold of worse if you keep stressing just about it.

Best of luck to you.
First, just because you missed your length the first time you should have never stopped taking the pills and you indubitably should not have have unprotected sex.

You should also be aware that not all women tryout positive with home test when they are pregnant. You can also have small period called "breakthrough bleeding" when you are pregnant.

Many things could hold made you miss a period when you are on the pill. And the pregnancy symptoms you are exhibiting can be cause by the birth control pills themselves because of the hormones.

You would be best to see your doctor and have a blood serum pregnancy assessment to make sure, and consequently get hindmost on the pills. It is very possible you have need of a different strength dosage for your body.

Good Luck

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