Birth Control??

I was on the Yasmin birth control pill for 2 years to regulate my spell.I went sour becuase we didnt have insurance but presently we do so im going to the doctor soon probably.Anyway what pill do you use(or shot or patch)?What do you like more or less it,dislike about it?And (i dont call for to worry in the order of this since i dont have sex) but how successful was it within preventing pregnacy?Just a few things i was wondering.Thanks.

Answers:    I thieve loestrin 24 fe and i really like it. no side effects and reduce my period to a hugely light 3 days. and i haven't gotten pregnant on it! But since it is a low dose pill, if i forget to lug one, i will spot for a few days. Nothing major.
Don't turn on depo, you gain weight and after you progress off of it, it's unyielding to get pregnant Discuss this beside your doctor. Different women react to equal pill in different ways. There is no pretext to believe that their experience with a pill will be what you can expect.

Only a doctor can discuss the a range of means of birth control and oblige you pick the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Good Luck
I have be BC for 7 years now and I enjoy NEVEr used protection and I have never be prego. And I am on ortho tricyclin.I have be on the same cylce since I enjoy been on this pill... the hole time I enjoy been on this pill (7 years). I am almost NEVER slow. unless I am REALLY stressed. I wont do the shot because I am scared of them... lol... and no patch b/c I havent hear ALOT of good stuff nearly it. Good luck! Wish ya the best! Please remember that all oral contraceptives are not devout for you anyway. They have be linked to a big incidence of breast and ovarian cancer. Please investigate Natural Fertility Awareness. Visit and find out more. Is it really worth breast cancer someday?
I used to take 'Loestrin Fe' (hormonal pill) but my insurance wouldn't cover it. Now I'm on 'Microgestin' which is the generic of Loestrin and with the sole purpose costs about $26 a month. I don't approaching it as much... Loestrin's pill is sweet tasting ^_^ and while its supposed to decline your period to 3 days... it doesn't appear to... but the important article is that it works for prevention.

Most pills are +80% effective contained by preventing pregnacy because they've been around pretty long and own gotten pretty well well-mannered. My boyfriend and I don't like to rely solely on my pill though, so we ALWAYS use a backup, approaching condoms or spermacidal foam or gel.
if you are not sexually active and you don't enjoy severe periods or some other medical grounds to be on birth control, i don't suggest getting on it. i was on it for five years (i tried several different pills) (never get pregnant and only used condoms next to my now-husband for one year or so, if that helps you any), but i go off ending year and since then i've have nothing but trouble. i go on it when i was 18 because i didn't own a period for similar to three months and i had started have sex. i was really irregular past the pill, and i'm really irregular again now that i'm sour of it. i didn't realize that the pill stopped ovulation and that why you don't get a interval (i didn't know that until like two years ago), and very soon that i'm off of it, i've with the sole purpose ovulated three times in nine months. i'm not trying to conceive (yet), but i'm really worried going on for when i do start trying. if you are just taking birth control to regulate a interval that is a couple of days or even a couple of weeks past due every time - DON'T TAKE IT. it's not worth it (to me). now that i'm bad of it, i'm having to swot up about my body and my cycles adjectives over again. and it sucks. I was using Cilest pill and it wasnt immensely effective, i fell pregnant near my 2nd on it. I now hold the implant within my arm which lasts for 3 years and later i go posterior and have it removed and replaced or a short time ago leave it out, the well brought-up thing is your ordinary fertility returns after 48hours after having it out. It can stop period altogether, some have regular period, some have thoroughly few and others have heavier or lighter period. it depends on the woman really as everyone is different.
Ive had this surrounded by since nov 07 and have with the sole purpose had 2 period but they were heavier than run of the mill so i am now taking Cilest pill aswell to backing control the bleeding and its working. Best and most effective form of contraception.

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