I might be getting partial hysterectomy, i am worried what my sex drive will be approaching afterwards. any info?

Answers:    As long as your ovaries remain intact, you will still be producing hormone just as you do presently. So there shouldn't be a big move at all. Matter of reality, the problems you currently have would be solved, and once you get better from the surgery and don't have that misery limp over your head you might lately find you actually quality more inclined than before. Plus the added benefit of not have the monthly pregnancy fear is pretty freeing for masses women. Just think- no more cramps, no more surprise arrivals of the period to ruin undies, no more counting days or making sure you hold supplies in the purse. Relieving those little irritants can really breed a difference, believe it or not. And a lot of the drive is between your ears, not within the pelvis- you are as sexy as you think you are, after adjectives. It will help seriously if you go into it beside a positive attitude, and don't worry almost problems until they show up. Don't expect things to drop off, and there's a appropriate chance they won't. Tell yourself how much more credible you will feel free once the suffering is done, and how wonderful it will be, and you could surprise yourself. Good luck, and remember, body can follow mind, so deliberate positive.
I have hear that it will not change your sex drive, contained by fact it may inhance it since you will no longer be capable of get pregnant. However, my wife have an hesterectomy about 10 years ago and her sex drive go in the toilet, but she be 50, and it could have have something to do with her age. It would be severely unusual to get a partial hysterectomy if you live contained by the U.S. I've been a surgery nurse for 9 years and own seen lone 1. I can't even remember why it was done. If nearby is a need for the uterus to be removed it doesn't craft sense to leave any of it. I assume it is self done for fibroids and not cancer. Tell your Dr. to take the entire item since he will be there anyway. That opening you could have it done vaginaly and pick up yourself the abdominal scar. If that matter to you. As far as sex drive is concerned it should have no position after you are healed. If they remove your ovaries next to the surgery which is unlikely for fibroids, then adjectives sorts of changes will come to pass to your body. Hope this helps!
If you are losing your ovaries next this may be an issue, but if you keep them, & they are functioning properly, it shouldn't transmute much b/c you would still have your hormones, otherwise you may have need of hormone replacement therapy.
OB/GYN RN I too have a partial hysterectomy and my sex drive plummeted! I was forewarned though. It took a couple of months for my estrogen level to drop. I also had big time grumpy spells and insufferable the person I become. Finally I went to the doctor, I am immediately on a hormone called Premarin and it help. Also, have you be warned roughly the possible weight gain? I don't know if it's a medical reality that it will happen but it have happened to everyone that I know.
If they vacate your ovaries, your sex drive shouldn't change as they are responsible for the hormones that that influence your sex drive. A stop in drive may go off depending on how you feel more or less the surgery itself, though. Are you worried that you will feel smaller amount like a woman lacking a uterus? Concerned with scarring? Discuss this beside your GYNO, they are the best resource for what to expect after your surgery.

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