Birth Control/ Pregnancy?

I'm on birth control and take it religiously every morning. I have sex on saturday and I was supposed to start my time of year on Monday. Earlier this month I was on antibiotics and self that I was done next to them, I didn't think that they would still ease the effectiveness of my pill, but I read that it can fade away it for the remainder of the pack.

So my questions are
1) How much can antibiotics lessening the effectivness of birth control


2) Even if my birth control wasn't effective, What is the likelyhood of getting pregnant two days prior to your interval?

Thank your for your time, and i'll award 10 pts to best answer.

Answers:    Hi! Well the worst anti-B's for altering BCP are the Penicillins, and also Tetracycline. Drugs like Cipro, do not show any unadulterated affect on BCP. I'm not sure what you were on.

Yes, anti-B's can affect the intact pack of BCP, but the window contained by which you had sex seem unlikely to conceive. Not to say that it would not start ever, but unlikely.

My conclusion is that this is a glitch, and there is some other explanation you are not starting? If you have no extent by Sunday, I would take a home pregnancy interview with elevated sensitivity. (Answer Early or First Response Early Detection)

Hope this helps.
1) yes they can lessening them by a lot

2) you will not achieve pregnant 2 days before your spell the time to get pregnant is 2 weeks after your time of year
depends on your ovulation cycle. well, they probably wouldn't hold decresed your birth control too much. also it depends on how long you have be on the pill. most likely your simply late. but you still might want to gain checked out just incase. i hope everything go well.
your time may be late merely because it is you might not be preggers so dont stress go find a pregnancy test and verbs if your preggers. i wouldnt thik that antibiotics would decrease the usefulness of birth control . if you still continued with b.c and the antibiotics your person way to wary, what for your period to come. it doesn't other begin on like day of every month. lol you'll see. and if your worried more or less getting pregnant will using birth control, cause its not 100% affective anyways, why don't you use a condom too?
Antibiotics can affect BCPs considerably, which is why a put money on up method is always recommended.

The prospect of becoming pregnant 2 days before your extent is due is slim to none. If you were to ovulate (and this depends on the BCP you are on) later it would happen 14 days prior to the beginning of your next spell (unless you have a luteal phase malfunction, making it longer or shorter, though your luteal phase would not be THAT short, 2 days).

My recommendation is to other use a backup method when on antibiotics, and to do some research on how the female cycle works (it other amazes me how little women/girls know about their body).
This is copy paste right of a site, posted below, but i have done some research for my GF on this subject and the standard consensus in the medical community is usually in the order of the same. They hold those disclaimers on the pack and some websites because they dont want to be sued over something like that, but the affects of the a-biotic on b-control is usually done after a week or two. Of course, its other better to just wear a condom contained by this situation.
As for the second part of the request for information, sperm CAN stay alive for that length of time, although they will be tired and arent very credible to make it through the egg. I dont know an actual percentage but I do know that it isnt markedly high.
If you are instinctively in this situation, it might be a pious idea to own a morning-after pill handy in the pills cabinet or whatever if you do establish to skip wearing a condom, just within case.
Hope this help!

Can antibiotics decrease the value of birth control pills?

The effects of antibiotics on birth control pills may be overstated — except in the casing of one antibiotic, rifampin. Studies clearly show that rifampin decreases the efficiency of birth control pills in preventing ovulation. However, rifampin isn't a widely used antibiotic. Chances are you wouldn't be taking it unless you have tuberculosis or had tested positive for the disease.

Hypothetically speaking, other antibiotics, specially penicillin and tetracycline derivatives, could impair the effectiveness of birth control pills. However, no generous studies have proved such an effect.

Researchers can't rule out the possibility that a small percentage of women may experience decrease effectiveness of birth control pills while taking an antibiotic. And if you're taking a newer, extremely low-dose oral contraceptive, you could be more susceptible to these potential effects from antibiotics. If you're concerned, consider using a ring method of contraception for the duration of your antibiotic prescription.
Hey hun..

You will just own to wait it out and pocket a test..2weeks after you regard as you might have conceved.

to the answer above..duh u dont hold an ovulation cycle when you are on the pill.

Gd luck

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