Bizarre Period Cycles, PCOS?...?

I've been charting it for 8 months, and it's
between 29 days to 42! Wtf?
The cramps be in the "execute me now" category 60% (1000 mg Tylenol won't help)...I get dizzy/feverish too?
Thank you !

Answers:    Are you on birth control? The best entry is is that you're having period. A lot of women with untreated PCOS walk months without a extent and then when they capture it it's months long. BCP's help to regulate your estrogen production, it also help with freight loss, acne, and facial hair which profoundly of women with PCOS suffer from.

I achieve muscle spasms during a period, I'm currently on vicodin because I develop cysts as in good health during a period that aren't reabsorbed into my body on the double - the birth control pills help to reabsorb them but it's a short time too slow for my taste. I own to see a physical therapist because of "vaginismus" that occur during a period.

Have you be diagnosed with have PCOS? A lot of the time painful period and pain adjectives the time can also mean endometriosis. If you're unsure if you hold either or both consult a gyno. Let them compile your symptoms and see what you own. Do you have excess counterbalance around the middle? Obese? High blood pressure? High cholestorol? Insulin Resistant? Have acne, oily skin, or dandruff? Are you infertile? You hold irregular and abnormal period which is the number 1 thing a doctor looks for within diagnosing PCOS. However, even though they're spaced out, they're fairly average. The pain is the article that makes me give attention to it's not just PCOS. Do you bleed from your rectum during a time?

You'll have to consult your doctor, own a pap done and a physical and ask to be prescribed any and all medication that help you.
are you on the pill? im guessing not! might want to look into it... the pill is not one and only use as a cntrecprive it's used to regulate hormone levels that raison d`¨ētre length of period, spasm, craps & flow... check with you dr it could really support! good luck I own PCOS and get my term once every 18 months, if at all, when we influence irregular we mean REALLY irregular. However irregular period can be a symptom of many different things, see a doctor.

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