Pregnancy try-out cross-examine?

ok so i took a pregnancy test. and it say 1 line resources not pregnant and 2 lines means pregnant. So i took it and the first rank is dark pink and the second queue is there but its more feint. so am i pregnant or not?

Answers:    Hope you get the two pack, looks like you requirement to take another theory test. The first time I was pregnant, the second procession looked faint to me too. I purely couldn't handle the pressure so I have to drive out and buy another test. I be pregnant, and odds are so are you...but if you are anything resembling me, you have to see it again.
Good luck and I would suggest the book " A Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy"
yes, if the second dash is there at adjectives it is positive. congratulations. I would read the instructions to see if it clarifies. Likely, the one line shows up for everyone (in other words, it probably react to urine) and the 2nd line is designed to make out the human growth hormone (something that only shows up within pregnant women). If you see it, it's possible that you could be pregnant and that the line is giddy b/c you are very hasty on - hence, the hormone is not that prevalent. I would read the directions, but also take another try-out and/or go to a clinic to be tested for sure.
I construe you should take another pregnancy assessment. yes I think you are!! pocket another just to be sure!!
It could be a false positive. Wait 1 week and lift another test.

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